Setup Google Maps: How To Add A Location In Google Maps Home Business Office Shopping Factory

In this video we will see how to add your home, office or business location on google maps and next install the location map in your website or wordpress site.

First we need to add your location to google maps.

Go to

And then zoom into your location and place your click on the cursor exactly to your location.

And now you will see this box thats just poped up.

Next click on this string of numbers link below and you will see this options on the left of your screen pointing to the location.

Next click on this menu icon on the left and scroll to the bottom until you see Add a missing place.

Next click on the add a missing place option.

And next in the popup window fill in the details.

Add name of the company or business or building.

Select the category it belongs from the list.

Next enter your address here.

And next if you can add your phone number you can enter it in this popup window along with your website address if you have one.

Finally, click send. and next click done button here.

Now we have submitted our location to google maps, in a few hours the location will be sucessfully added.

Next step is to add our location map to our website or wordpress site.

Click the menu icon and scroll down to your contributions.

Next click edit, we can see here the location we had added before.

Next click on the location address link we added.

Now click share icon and next select embed a map option.

Now as you see here its the preview of your location map, copy the html code.

And next head to your website or wordpress site and paste it on the page, where you want the location map to be visible to your web visitors and update the page.

Next click preview to view the page.

Here we have the location map on our contact page, people vising your page can easily find directions to your home or office without any difficulty.

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