How to setup and install Google Analytics into Google Blogger site.

Google Analytics Site:

1. Hi there, I am Ann from, In todays video we will see how to setup and install google analytics into google blogger site.

2. Google analytics helps us analyse data on our website by tracking the website visitors demographics or their gender , age and the pages they visit on the site and how long they are spending time on the website. So that we can take informed decisions how to better serve our visitors on the website and improve the website for better interactive experience

3. This is a two process video, first we need to set up a google analaytics account to get the google analytics tracking ID and Code.

4. Second step is to install the the google analytics tracking ID in your google blogger site.

5. Now lets begin with the first step, setting up google analytics tracking ID.

6. Sign into your google account if you already have or create one.

7. Next search for google analytics account, and click this URL link or you can find the link in the description section below this video.

8. Next click and sign-up here on google anlaytics site.

9. Next On this page, you need to create a New account.

10. You can choose either to track your website or your mobile app here, since we are tracking google blogger site, website tab is selected.

11. Next, Give your account a suitable name thats relevant to the property you are tracking, property here means the website, or shopping site.

12. Next, type in a appropriate property name, here property is our google blogger website name.

13. Next, enter the URL of the property your tracking. here you can select either the Http or Https according to your website url.

14. Next, select the industry category your website is associated or promotes.

15. Next, choose a appropriate timezone you are located in.

16. Next, go through the data sharing settings and check and uncheck which you prefer and which you dont.

17. Next, click Get Tracking ID button to get your google analytics tracking ID.

18. And finally, you need to read both the google analytics and google data sharing terms and accept it.

19. This is your google analytics tracking ID and this is your tracking code.

20. You can add the tracking id or the tracking code in your google blogger site.

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