Godaddy Webhosting With Free Domain Plus WordPress Site Installation And Setup ( India )

In this video you can learn how to install and setup wordpress site in godaddy hosting with free domain.

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Click hosting in godaddy website, scroll down to select an appropriate hosting package that suits your need.

Like starter which hosts only one website, basically its for people who just want an identity site or beginners.

Next is economy package, where you can host only one single site, with 100 GB storage space, ideal for small business setup.

Next two Deluxe and Unlimate is for serious businessmen or web designer who have various business intrests. They can setup unlimited website with unlimited storage space and many more features.

I prefer the deluxe hosting which optimum for me as a web designer in terms of storage and unlimited websites.

Here we can select the duration monthly payment is costlier compared to yearly, I prefer 1 year or two year period.

Next is automatic backup, its pretty simple to backup site files, need not pay for it. so no thanks and we continue.

Every new web hosting comes with a free domain, so you can type in the website domain name and search if it available.

I am looking for website domain name and voila! It`s available. we select it and continue again.

We can create a new godaddy account and enter other personal details along with making the payment.

Once we purchase webhosting, we get a email confirming the same, to your registered email acount.

we can login with the details in godaddy account. You can view here both the domain purchased and the webhosting.

Next we need to install and setup wordpress in our newly purchased website domain.

Click Manage button under webhosting section, next click cpanel admin button to go to cpanel settings which houses all application and other settings in your webhost.

In Cpanel settings, you can see various applocation for file manager for all your web files created or uploaded.

Domain you add in your hosting account, wordpress application installed, email section and more.

To install wordpress site in our new website domain, Click wordpress icon, next on this page click install this application button to install wordpress application.

Next, you can select your website domain if you have more than one domain installed like me. Next you can install wordpress application in your main domain or you can type and create a directory for the wordpress application. I prefer to install in a demo folder for this tutorial purpose.

Next enter all other details, like site name and site tagline along with user name, password and email for future communication regarding the site we are about to install.

Finally we click install button. Once installed, we can login and setup other site details like what kind of business type is the site , site name and tagline can be changed here and save changes to continue.

Next you need to select Site Theme here as a default process, you can change it later to suit our need.

we can want follow the steps here or we can customise on your own. Lets view the wordpress site we just installed and setup.

It looks pretty good. We can search for new themes and add it to suit our need in the dashboard and customise more to suit our business needs.

I hope you liked watching the video. With this we come to the end of this video tutorial. Please subscribe , like and comment on the video if it was helpful. Thank you.

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