Godaddy Sub Domain: How to setup subdomain in cpanel and install wordpress site

In this video we will see how to setup subdomain in cpanel and install wordpress site in it.

Log into your godaddy cpanel hosting account.

Next, click manage button under web hosting section.

Next click Cpanel admin button.

Next in cpanel page, click subdomains under Domains.

Next, on this page you can create a sub domain, in subdomain field enter appropriate subdmomain name..

Next, select a domain from the list of domains added in your godaddy hosting account.

And finally click ‘Create’ Button.

You can see here the subdomain has been created sucessfully.

Next step is to install wordpress in the subdomain. So we head to wordpress installation page.

Lets install wordpress by Clicking install this application button.

Select the subdomain that you created from the list of domains in your godaddy account.

Delete the sub directory or folder here.

Next, enter username and password here, along with a valid email for the administrator.

You can add a suitable name and tag line for your wordpress site.

And finally click install button to install wordpress site.

Your wordpress site has been installed.

You can head to your wordpress site installed in the subdomain and edit it as per your preferences.

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