Godaddy Domain Email Setup And Delete Email Update 2019

In this video you can learn how to create email account, manage or change password for your email account and as well delete email accounts that are not needed.

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Having logged into your godaddy hosting account.

Click manage tab under web hosting section and again click Cpanel Admin to go to cpanel settings page

In cpanel settings page, scroll down to Email section and click email accounts option.

On Email Accounts page, you can create, manage passwords and delete email accounts that have been created for websites in the web host.

You can click create button, to create email account for website in your web host.

Select the website domain from the list of domains in your webhost if you have more than one and type in the username for the email.

In the password field Type in a password of your choice or you can either generate a random password to create a New email account. We have successfully created website email here.

Now lets see how to change the password, for some reason we dont remember.

Select the email account to which you wish to change the password, corresponding to it click Manage.

In the password field you can either generate a random password or type a password of your choice and save the changes by updating email settings.

But in case you created the email for a staff member and she or he has quit your business enterprise and you want to delete the email account, select email account and click manage button associated to that email.

Here, scroll to the bottom of the page, click Delete Email Account Tab in the bottom, you will be asked again to Delete as all the data will be lost permanently.

And done, sucessfully deleted the email account.

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