Email Autoresponder : Setup Godaddy Email Autoreply ( 2019 )

In this video you can learn how to create email autoresponder in godaddy cpanel

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Log into your godaddy hosting account.

Click manage tab under web hosting section and again click Cpanel Admin to go to cpanel settings page

In cpanel settings page, scroll down to Email section and click autoresponder option.

You can either select all domains or a specific domain here and click Add autoresponder tab.

Here we need to configure certain settings and fields.

First is the character set, If you need a international character set you can choose your pick from the list of character set. But otherwise let the default utf-8 to stay as it is the standard character set.

Second field is the interval, it is the interval in which a email response is sent to the same email id in a specified period. say MR A sends two emails in a span of two hours then the autoresponder sends a response for the second email after 24 hours of recieving it.

Add the email username for which the autoresponder will be applied and next field select the domain name for the email.

In the ‘from’ field you need to enter the name of the person , you or your staff.

Next field, enter the subject like if you are not available in office you can say I am on vacation or if its a sales autoresponder you can say Thankyou for purchases.

If your body text contains HTML code like heading , line breaks or paragraph, you can check it or if not, then leave it as is.

Enter your main content for the autoresponder in the body container.

When you enter the body content, you can enter the tags that you see here above to incorporate in the body container.

This is how a simple auto responder look like.

‘From’ text in between percentage signs refers to the sender`s name in the email we recieved, where autoresponder is applied. ’email’ id in between percentage signs refers to the email of the sender and ‘subject’ in between the percentage signs is the subject that`s mentioned by the sender.

By default the autoresponder kicks in the moment we save the changes and never to end.

we can add a time frame, a start date and end date . We can change the start and end date for the autoresponder here.

Once finished with the finalising the autoresponder content we can create autoresponder.

We can test and varify the autoresponder if it is working by sending a email message to the email to which autoresponder is applied. And the autoresponder is working just fine.

I hope you liked watching this video tutorial.

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