How to Redirect Godaddy Website to other Website 2019

In this video you will learn to redirect website domain to other website in godaddy hosting account.
Log into your godaddy hosting account.
Next, on this page, click Manage button, under web hosting section.
Next here click Cpanel Admin button.
Next on Cpanel dashboard, click Redirects under Domains.
Next on the domain redirect page, Complete the form to redirect a website domain to another website.
Choose the type of redirect you wish to make.
Choose Permanent redirect 301 option if you are permanently redirecting your website domain or choose temporary 302 option if your are temporarily redirecting your website domain to other website domain.
Next select the domain website you wish to redirect if you have more than one domain in your hosting account.
Type in the other website address you wish to redirect it to.
As you can see the website redirection to another domain has been done sucessfully.
I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial.
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