Earn Money Buying and Selling Domains in Godaddy 2019

In this video we will see how to make money by listing domain name for sale in godaddy.

Buying and selling domain names is a lucrative business oppurtunity online, good meaningfull unique or keyword domain fetch a lot of money that are ideal for brands.

To list domain names on sale you should have already bought them Having logged into godaddy, click domains tab and next click domain value appraisal.

Enter domain name in this box and click to appraise your domain worth.

Godaddy has set a list price or estimated value for the domain, we can either accept it and go ahead with the process or if we feel it`s worth more than the list price we can enter our own price here.

Next once sale of domain happens, we need to get paid so we need a valid payment method, so lets add a valid account.

Add a payee details, fill in your address and other details and select a method of payment like your bank or direct wire transfer or paypal method along with tax information, once all the information is entered corectly.

Head to the domain list page and refresh it.

 Next click List for sale and your done your domain will be on sale within the next 24 hours.

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