Create Subdomain in Godaddy Cpanel to install wordpress or HTML website 2019

In this video you can learn how to create subdomain in godaddy cpanel webhosting account.
1. Hi youtube viewers, in this video we will see how to setup a subdomain for our website in godaddy hosting account.
2. you can add a single webpage or a whole website in your subdomain.
3. Lets get started, Log into your godaddy account and click Manage button under web hosting section.
4. Next on this page click Cpanel Admin button.
5. Next on Cpanel dashboard click Subdomain under Domain section
6. In this Subdomain dashboard, you need to fill in the form below. so first enter a appropriate name for your subdomain thats most relavant to your site or the pages you wish to upload and setup.
7. Next choose the website domain if you have more than one domain here and click Create Button.
8. And we are done creating the sub domain for your main domain in which you can install wordpress site or you can upload HTML website.

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