How to use schedule video in facebook

In this video you can learn how to Schedule, back date or save a video draft in your facebook page.

Start by uploading a video in your facebook Page’s timeline. Click upload photo or video tab. select and upload video from your computer.

Add a suitable title for your video, describe your video briefly and enter and select keyword tags.

Click next, and in this page you can either publish it immediately selecting Publish Now.

Next , select premier to publish the video between the next 10 minutes to 7 days timeframe which is ideal for new product launches or Film trailers. You can add a promotion image here as an announcement and click publish.

Next , select schedule option to publish the video on a future date, select a date and time in the future. you can also click and select expiration to delete the video from public viewing on a specific future date here and click schedule button.

Next , select backdate option to backdate the video, which means you can add a video today but dated to a day and time in the past, here the time limit is 7 years. Select the year, month and day when you want the post to be backdated within the past 7 years period.

You can also upload a video and save it in your facebook page and post it on your facebook page wall when you feel it`s the right time for your facebook page followers and the public to view it.

You can see here the video is scheduled for a future date. And you can see here the video is backdated in the post. and your video is saved in the video section, you can either publish it or schedule it or backdate it here.

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