How to schedule facebook post : facebook page post scheduling

In this video you gonna learn how to schedule your post on facebook in advance with facebook`s own cool schedule feature. You can post content consistently to engage your your followers and fans on your facebook page without you even being on facebook.

Log into your facebook profile and head to your facebook page to create a post.

Here, you can write a post and upload a photo or a link as though you are posting to be published immediately.

And in this video tutorial, let me add and schedule a blog post thats in my designopage website on design and social media content. Let me copy the URL of my blog post and enter it in facebook page.

Next, click the down pointing arrow button beside the publish button and select schedule. and next in the schedule post popup window, Select a date and time in the future for when you want your post to publish.

And below you can also select date and time when you wish the post to stop showing on news feed and finally click schedule button.

You can head to your facebook page timeline and view the post that is being scheduled. Note, This scheduled post notification will be visible to the admin of the page and not the fans and followers of your facebook page.

And by any chance you changed your mind about the sceduled post you can post publish it immediately, remove schedule it or re-schedule it or delete the scheduled post.

With this we come to the end of this video tutorial, Thankyou for watching the video, Please subscribe to my channel, like comment and share my video if you like them and do not forget to click the bell icon to get video updates notified.

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