How to embed facebook video in your weebly website

In this video you will learn how to embed facebook video in wordpress website.

You may have uploaded a video on facebook , it could be on your profile or your facebook page. So lets embed it in wordpress website or Weebly site or google blogger site or wix website.

First step is to get the embed code of the facebook video.

Let me head to my video section on my facebook profile or maybe not, the videos on my facebook business page is more of promotional material than my facebook profile videos. So facebook page it is.

Here select the video, and again right click on the video. Next select ‘Show Video URL’ and again copy the video URL from video URL box.

Next we need to enter this URL in facebook developers site to get the embed coded for the video.

The link is mentioned in the description section below this video.

Here we need to enter video URL and you can change the video width too again if you want the entire post associated with the video check it or uncheck it.

Finally, click Get code below the video.

In the pop-up video select the App ID if you have more than one app ID.

Second Step is we need to add both these code in weebly website. Head to your weebly site, login and select the site you wish to add facebook video, copy and paste the video in the pages you wish facebook video to appear and save changes.

With this we come to the end of this video tutorial on embeding facebook video in your Weebly site.

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