How To Create And Use Facebook Offer On Facebook Page With Offer Tab Setup

In this video we can learn how create a facebook offer and announce discounts and deals. Like product discounts 5% or 10% and product deals, buy two and get one deal offer on facebook page. Facebook users can redeem them in online or in store, depending on where the offer availablilty is mentioned. So let get started.

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visit your facebook page, you will see the offer tab on the left on side of your afcebook page, if not, click settings above your facebook page and next click templates and tabs on the left. Next scroll down to the botton click add tabs and next click the add tab corresponding to offers.

Next, move the tab above so that its visible to your facebook users. Next, click Offers tab and here on the offers pop-up page we need to configure the Offer intended.

Click Create offer to setup the offer that we intend to give facebook users like discounts and deals on products or services we do business with.

Upload a attractive image of the offer anouncing your business product or service with information on the offer like products discounts or deals. use bright colors and graphics rather than text content on the offer announcement image.

Next, select a offer type like discount price or percentage on the product or product deals like Buy one get the other 50% descount or shipping is free or customised where you can enter your own terms of offer like price or discount along with other details in the description box.

Enter discount or deals description on products in Items field. Like Storewide discount or kidswear or Electronics only. Next, your can add a brief description about your overall store or product here.

You can edit the expiration date for your offer if you would like it to run longer or shorter than a week or so. select whether people can use the offer Online or In-Store. You can also add a promo code here.

You can either select save button option where facebook user can save the offer to be reminded before it expires or send message option where facebook users can click and send message if they intrested in the offer.

We are done creating the facebook offer. Finally click Publish button to publish the offer on your facebook page immediately or you can schedule the offer to be published on a future date.

For this video we will publish right away, you can has been added to our facebook page. Facebook users who like our page or people who visit our page can view the offer and claim the offer.

When user click the offer this is how they are prompted to send us a message. We can share the offer in facebook groups or in a facebook event and as well as other facebook pages.

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