Facebook Landing Page With Custom Tab On Facebook Business Page ( 2019 )

In this video we will see how to create a custom tab on this facebook page. Next, we can setup a landing page on the tab, where facebook users who visit the page can visit your business site or other social website and know more about what your business is offering.

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So head to woobox site where you can create and setup tabs on facebook page.

You can sign up with your facebook account for a woobox account. Next, click static tabs in the top menu and again click Create a New Tab.

In the drop down click HTML Tab, You can click manage button and rename the tab to your custom name and save changes.

Next again click edit button to add your own content that will be visible on the facebook page custom tab.

Here, you can setup URL by adding the URL in this field, it has to be a secure URL with https as the prefix for security reasons.

Here I am adding my design website, so when users visit this facebook page and view this tab, they will see what the website has to offer instaead of visiting the site.

Or we can choose the Image tab and upload a image here and link it to a business website. Let preview in the facebook page tab, when people click the image, they will be taken to the business website where they can enquire more information.

Or we can create custom HTML code, this option is more useful to coders and designers who know coding and web designing. you can see when anyone adds code their content will be visible here.

For this tutorial it would be safe to either use the URL link or the image option. So we can upload the image and link it to the business website.

This settings tab will be visible only to the admin of the page. Next you can move the custom tab to the above just below the home tab for facebook users to view.

To do that we need to click settings above the page cover, next click templates and tabs. Next move the custom tab above and save changes. You can see the custom tab is just under the home tab, facebook users can click on it and view the content on this tab.

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