Facebook Event: How to create and promote a facebook event on facebook

In this video learn how to create and promote a facebook event on facebook.

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Visit your facebook page, you will see the event tab on the left on side of your facebook page, if not, click settings above your facebook page and next click templates and tabs on the left. Next scroll down to the botton click add tabs and next click the add tab corresponding to Events.

Next, move the tab above so that its visible to your facebook users on your facebook page. Next, click Evente tab and here on the click create events tab to create a event on facebook.

Next on this page lets create the event to promote and invite people to attend the event. It can be any event, family functions like wedding or birthdays or corporate events or singing or musical event. For this video we will create a sample photography exhibition event.

Upload a attractive image of the event anouncing about where or when the event along with other features. use bright colors and graphics rather than text content on the promotional image.

Next enter a name for the event and again enter the location , where the event is supposed to be held.

Next enter brief description of the event and its features for facebook users who wish to attend the event. Select event category from the list of options available.

Next select the frequency with which the event would be occuring. Like corporate product promotional events may happen daily for almost a week or so.

Family functions like birthday or wedding may take 1 to 3 days maximum. Enter both the date and time and save the changes.

If the event is co-hosted you can select them here if they have a facebook page, they too can edit contents here for the event. We can enter keywords along with other details like kids friendly and volunteers for the event here to promote it.

If the Event is private and need tickets to enter you can enter where the tickets will be available here along with date and time. Next, select if the others besides the admin can post on the event.

Again, select if users can ask question on the event through chat messenger. We can check or uncheck if we want to display the guest list. Once we are done with adding all the necessasary details for the event. 14. We can save a darft and publish later or we can schedule it and publish the later or publish the event promotional post immediately.

We can see the event has been created on the event tab with all the details of the event. facebook users to the page can view it.

If you visit the main facebook page home tab, a copy of the event is posted on it, we can pin it to the top of teh pages timeline for visitors to view and take a call to attend the event.

We can share the event post to our profile or facebook groups or the facebook page too.

When user click the event post and send us a message for more information on it. We can share the offer in facebook groups or in a facebook event and as well as other facebook pages.

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