Facebook Cover Video: How to setup facebook timeline cover video

In this video I will show you how to upload a facebook page timline cover video.

Facebook Timeline cover video is a good way to promote and advertise your brand or website to your followers on facebook page.

Log into your facebook account. Next go the page where you wish to add the timeline cover video.

Click the photo cum video icon on the timeline cover and select a video from your computer or your video album if you already uploaded and saved video in your facebook page.

A Facebook cover video must be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels, with an official recommendation of 820 x 462 pixels. The video length must be between 20 and 90 seconds.

You can add music to the video too, there is a sound mute option on the video cover too.The ideal file formats are MOV or MP4.

Next you can drag and re-position the video on your facebook page and click next button.

You can click the loop button on the left buttom of timeline cover video if you want the video to be repeating itself. and finally click publish button. And we are done setting the timeline cover video on facebook page.

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