Create Facebook Business Page Updated 2019

In this video we will see how to create a Facebook Business page.

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First step, lets create the facebook business page.

Log into your facebook profile page.

Next click Create link on the top menu and select Page from the list of options.

Next you have two page options here. page for your business like travel or automobile business or brand like a phone brand or clothing brand that you own or and next page for a community like NGO or charitable Trust or Sports club or public figure like a film actor or a musician or a politician. Here as we are creating a page for our business click business or brand option.

Next, Type a suitable Name for your Business and next select a category your business belongs to.

Next click continue button to continue creating the facebook business page.

Next here you can enter your business address along with your phone number which is optional.

You can make hide or make your business addess visible to the public by checking and unchecking the box.

And again click continue button to continue creating the facebook business page.

And your Facebook Business page is created sucessfully.

You can upload a profile image for your facebook business page here from your computer, dimensions width 500 pixels and 500 pixels height is suitable.

Next you can upload facebook page cover image here from your computer with a dimensions of 850 pixels width and 350 pixels height.

Next click about tab on the left side of the page and next enter website address if you own a website.

You can also enter your business email address here.

Next write a brief description about your facebook business page in Our Story section, upload a banner image along with title and description for the business page and publish it.

With this we come to the end of this video tutorial, like, comment and share video if you found helpful. Thank you.

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