How to Crosspost Videos between multiple Facebook Pages 2019

In this video you can learn how to crosspost videos between multiple facebook pages.
You can cross post videos on your page or others pages. Crossposting allows you to upload a video in one facebook page and share it to multiple pages to cross post it with out having to upload it again.
But when a video is crossposted in multiple pages the video analytics or insights on how many watched your video or liked your video are all pooled in one page where it was uploaded besides the individual pages.
First go to your facebook page and click settings in top menu.
Next scroll down here and click crossposting tab, on your right you can add the pages to which you wish to crosspost videos to.
In the facebook page box, you can either add the page name or the page URL and select it.
The first page when I add and select it, I get the permission right away to crosspost because I am the admin of the page.
The second page when I add the page name and select it, It still under pending for approval because the ownership or the admin is not me.
I need to copy this link and send it to the email of the admin of the facebook page so that I can get approved.
Once approval is given, when I refresh the page as you can see I can crosspost on xpotube page too too.
Now lets go see the actual process of csossposting video.
Click here and select PhotoVideo option.
Next in the pop-up window click upload PhotosVideo tab.
Next here in the standard box for video uploads enter a suitable title, brief description for your page along with the keyword tags and click next button and again publish button.
Now you can see the video was uploaded in only one page, lets see how its shared with multiple pages to cross post like its their post and not a shared post.
Click Video Tab on the left, next scroll bottom and click video library button.
Next hover over the video and click the pencil icon thats visible beside it.
Next click the ‘ Direction Tab ‘ on the right, beside the video.
Next select the pages to which, you wish this video is available for cross posting and click save button.
Next we will go see the process on the page we shared the video for cross posting.
Here on xpotube page click videos tab, next scroll down and click video library button.
Next, click ‘ videos you can crosspost tab ‘ and next click on the video tab on the right.
Next click Create post with this video button.
Next here you can edit the title, description and tags and click next button and again click Publish button to publish it on your page as though its your own video and not a shared video from a different facebook page.
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