How to Create a Facebook Page for your Brand or Business 2019

In this video we will see how to create a facebook page for your brand or business.
First log into your facebook profile account.
Next on the profile page click CREATE button on the top menu bar.
And next click on the PAGE tab.
On this CREATE Page you have two options. In the first option you can create facebook page for your BRAND like dell computer or samsung phone brand or any BUSINESS like travel or home appliances trader . 6. and the Second Option You can create a facebook page for a community with similar intrests, charitable trust for women or sports or a Public figure like a politician, singer, actor or musician.
7. Here, I am creating a facebook page for a Brand , thats is my youtube channel to share and promote to all the people on facebook. Hence the Brand option.
8. Give a nice unique name for your brand on Facebook page.
9. Next Type and select the category your page belongs to and click Continue button.
10. Note: IF you are starting a facebook page for a business then you may have to enter a address here.
11. On this page you can upload a profile image for your facebook page and again next on this page you can upload a facebook cover image represents your brand.
12.And we are done creating a facebook page for our Brand.
13. This is my first post on my facebook page which can be viewed by people viewed, liked and shared by my facebook fans.
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