How to Assign Roles to Users in Facebook Page 2019

In this video you will learn how to assign roles to manage your facebook page to others like your staff or social media managers to perform certain skills for the smooth running of your page in a optimum way.
1. Lets get started with facebook page role assign tutorial.
2. Log into your facebook profile account and switch to your facebook page.
3. Next click settings tab above your facebook page and I am in my facebook page.
4. Next click Page Roles tab on the left hand side of the page.
5. Now here on the right hand you can see 3 different sections one- to assign new page roles, two- the page owner and three- the existing page roles.
6. There are already two persons assigned to my page as the admins.
7. Now in this video as we are going to create new roles, lets jump to that section.
8. Next here in the assign role field you need to enter the persons email, so first ask the persons email with which they log with on facebook.
9. Next select the authorisation you want to give the person like say admin role which is same as you giving full control, you can see a alert message here for admin, think twice before giving this role.
10. Next you can go through other roles like editor, moderator advertiser and analysts, each have a specific role to perform. You can see a brief description about what they can do and they cannot do on your page, depending on what level of skill you want performed you can select that role here.
11. I would like to give the person the editor role on my page, hence editor selected, enter email and click Add button.
12. Next again your prompted to enter your login password and click submit button in this pop-up window.
13. You can see the role has been created and its still pending, until the person recieves a email invitation and accepts the role.
14. Now refresh your page, you can see the person has accepted the role assigned to perform as an editor.
15. To change the assigned role, you can select the other role and click save button and re-enter login password here.
16. or you can remove the role assigned by clicking the Remove link below.
17. And next in the pop-up window you can click the box if you wish to remove the person from other pages too.
18.Finally click remove button and re-enter password and click submit button.
19. Refresh the page and you can see the editor role assigned is removed.
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