Upload Website Files using CPanel 2019

In this video you will learn how to upload website files in your hosting account with cPanel File Manager.

Once you setup your godaddy hosting account setup, you are ready to upload your files. You can upload the files using FTP client software or directly uploading files in cpanel. here we see how its done directly.

On the main account page, to the right of webhosting section click manage and again click cPanel admin. In the cPanel dashboard under files, click file manager.

In the file manager directory page the Public HTML webroot directory is selected by default, cPanel Uses Public HTML folder as the web root directory for all your primary domains name website.

Here on the right you will find all the primary website domains installed by you in cPanel .

Select and click the website domain folder you wish to add your website files.

Here you can only upload one file at a time using this upload option.

So use a zip file to compress all your files and upload them to the website domain folder and when the upload is complete, you can select the file and extract the files from the zip folder in your website domain folder.

Now all the website files are accessible in your website domain folder.

Now finally You can go to the browser and view the website the waya web visitor would visit your site.

With this we come to the end of this video tutorial on how to upload websites files in cPanel.

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