Backup WordPress Website in cPanel 2019

In this video you will learn how to backup your wordpress site in godaddy cpanel.

 Designing and custom editing wordpress site takes a lot of time.

Dont risk losing it. It`s always advisable to backup your website regularly. that means saving your website in a secondary location like your computer or laptop.

Using the cPanel hosting platform you can backup the wordpress site file using backup option in cPanel.

 Having logged into godaddy account, click manage under webshosting section and again click cPanel admin. 

In the cPanel dashboard click wordpress application under featured applications.

 Select the wordpress site and click the update button and type a name for your wordpress site and click backup. 

You can see the site backup is in process, once it is completed you can head to backup page and click the download button to save a copy of your wordpress site on your computer or you can click this restore button if you wish to restore this backup version in the future or you can restore using the copy that has been downloaded onto your computer.

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