Merch By Amazon : Download High-resolution Images From Amazon

You can see here I just downloaded an Hi Resolution Images from Amazon. How did I do it?

Well in this video that is what we are going to see.

Note: downloading images from amazon and using as yours can attract copyright claims and issues. Just saying.

So your wondering, how come your doing it. Its becos we created them.

All the images I downloaded in this video tutorial on amazon belongs to us, So there is no copyright issue.

So lets get started, first go to chrome web store.

Next type Hi-Res Image and search on chrome web store.

From the search results download this chrome extension, Hi-Res Image Downloader for Merch By Amazon and install it in chrome.

Next you can go to amazon website , click on any product which you need to download.

Then again when you are on the main product page with all the images and product information as you see here.

Right click on the product page and click Download Hi-Res image.

You can see a copy of Hi-Resolution image is downloaded on our computer, you can edit or add it to your site.

With this we have come to the end of this video, please subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon and do comment and like the video if you found it helpful. Thank you

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