Amazon associate Sitestripe : Amazon Affliliate Marketing and Promotion Tutorial

<==== Amazon associate Site Stripe ====> In this video we will see what amazon sitestripe is all about Amazon associate Site Stripe, when you register for amazon associate account a Associate Site Stripe is added to your amazon site, you need not login to amazon associate to generate link for products you can do it directly in your amazon site.

Now we are in the main amazon site and not amazon associate site, I will show you how to create the affiliate product link right on the amazon site.

This is the Amazon Associate SiteStripe, where you can generate affiliate product link on amazon site.

Select and click on the product to go to the main product page.

Next, Here on the Associate SiteStripe lets generate text affiliate product link, next you can either copy the short link and full link and enter it in your website or social media to promote the product.

Or you can click image to generate image only affiliate product link , you can also select short, medium and large image option to display short medium or large product image on the site.

Next you can click Text Plus Image option to generate affilaite product link with both text and image combo as seen here to add in your site.

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